Washington State Parks Recruiting 305  Seasonal Aides


The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission announced in a news release this week it is looking for 305 park aides for seasonal positions starting in April and ending in September.

Positions are available throughout every section of the state, from old-growth forests to Puget Sound and the high desert. 

Park aides are responsible for a variety of duties, including registering campers, maintaining trails, cleaning campgrounds and campground facilities, staffing park offices, assisting visitors and helping with interpretive and educational programs

A senior park aide is responsible for leading a team of park aides, and they, along with park aides, may work in one large park or cover an area with several smaller parks. 

Park aides can expect to earn between $16.29 and $19.09 per hour and senior park aides between $17.79 and $20.98 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications. Some parks offer temporary housing for aides. 

According to the release, the jobs are good opportunities for recent high school and college graduates, military veterans looking to transition back to civilian life, recent retirees looking for an encore and mid-careerists looking to reinvent themselves. 

Though these positions are temporary, opportunities exist to stay with state parks or get hired on with other outdoor industries, environmental nonprofits and public land agencies. 

“No two workdays are alike,” said Washington State Parks Customer Service Manager Ariel Ryon in the release. 

Ryon originally joined state parks as a park aide. 

To apply online or get more information about the positions, visit https://bit.ly/3Xjo9TO.

More staff testimony and details can be accessed at https://youtu.be/RtYcKFtK4FU. 

Washington State Parks is an equal opportunity employer. Anyone needing accommodations while applying can contact human resources at 360-902-8565 or the Washington Telecommunication Relay Service at 800-833-6388.