Seasonal Lifeguards Needed for Tenino Quarry Pool This Summer


As the City of Tenino nears completion of renovations to reopen its regionally-famous Quarry Pool, city staff are seeking seasonal lifeguards to help keep visitors safe once it’s officially reopened, Tenino City Clerk Jen Scharber told The Chronicle. 

“We hope to have it open by July 4,” Scharber said. 

She said there are currently 13 lifeguard positions that need to be filled in order for the pool to be open from noon to 7 p.m. throughout the upcoming summer. Hourly wages start at $15.74 and go up to $17.68, depending on position and experience. 

“This is an ideal job for teens. They can still sleep in as they don’t have to be here until noon,” Scharber said. 

Lifeguards will be responsible for maintaining the safety of pool patrons in and around the pool, administering first aid or CPR as required and representing the City of Tenino with a professional and courteous attitude. While having lifeguard training beforehand is a bonus, the city will be providing training opportunities for those who need them. 

Applications can be picked up at Tenino City Hall or found online at 

Completed applications can be delivered in person or mailed to the City of Tenino, 149 Hodgden St. S., P.O. Box 4019, Tenino, WA 98589. 

Originally a working sandstone quarry in the late 1800s, the renovations being completed are the first major updates the Tenino Quarry Pool has seen since the first year it was open — 1950. 

Two pools make up the Quarry Pool, a shallow and a deep side. Renovations to the pool include:

• The addition of a new splash park area in the shallow pool

• A reinforced retaining wall between the two pools ensuring the deep pool does not need to be drained when the shallow pool is drained for cleaning. The deep pool is considered an inland lake and does not have the same cleaning requirements. 

• A new walkway along the retaining wall leading to a new lounge deck area 

• Improved lounge deck areas, a new floating dock and improved filtration system on the deep pool side

For more information on the Tenino Quarry Pool, visit 

The pool is located at 399 W. Park Ave. in Tenino.