Rescued Moose Calves Now Available for Public Viewing at Northwest Trek


Northwest Trek Wildlife Park announced three orphaned moose calves made their public debut at Northwest Trek on Friday, Jan. 27. 

The three moose calves — named Atlas, Luna and Castillo — were born last spring and arrived at Northwest Trek in August.

Since arriving in August after being rescued in Alaska, the three have lived off-exhibit in an opportunity to adjust to their new home in Eatonville.

“Our veterinarian and animal care team have built strong bonds with these calves, getting to know them as a group and as individuals,” Zoological Curator Marc Heinzman stated in a news release. “These trusting relationships will help us continue to provide the best possible care for them as they grow up.”

The calves have come a long way since August, as they were dependent on bottle-fed milk from Northwest Trek staff. Now, the male calf, Atlas, weighs 500 pounds, and the two females, Luna and Castillo, weigh 465 pounds and 361 pounds, respectively. The three calves each stand nearly six feet tall at the shoulder. 

According to the news release from Northwest Trek, moose are the tallest wild animals in North America. Adult moose can grow up to 1,200 pounds, nearly 11 feet long and seven and a half feet tall. 

“Atlas is a very curious and affectionate boy. He gets the zoomies and loves to run around,” said Jordan Bednarz, one of the keepers at Northwest Trek who helped care for the calves. “Luna was shy at first but now is the first to explore new areas and is a fast learner. Calli is the smallest, but has the biggest personality. She is quick to let you know exactly what she wants.” 

The three young moose now have the opportunity to adventure their 435-acre home at Northwest Trek. Among the young moose calves are American bison, Roosevelt elk, deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, caribou and trumpeter swans. 

Guests to Northwest Trek could possibly spot the three moose calves on a “wild drive” or “keeper adventure tour.” 

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Northwest Trek is located at 11610 Trek Drive E. in Eatonville.