Letter to the Editor: It’s Up to All of Us to Call Out the New MAGA Majority


Last year, the American people rejected extreme election deniers in key races. But we were unable to win every fight, and a tremendous threat to our democracy remains: the new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA extremists he leads.

According to The Washington Post, over 70% of all House Republicans are themselves election deniers — and these extremists now have McCarthy in the palm of their hands.

McCarthy had to give up tremendous concessions to appease the most outlandish members of his party to win the gavel. Extremists such as Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan will have all the power they need to enact their agenda, sow chaos, waste taxpayer dollars on sham investigations and ignore their constituents.

In their first act, Speaker McCarthy’s MAGA majority gutted the nonpartisan Office of Congressional Ethics, hamstringing future investigations into corrupt members like the serial fabulist George Santos.

That speaks volumes.

It’s up to us to call out this new MAGA majority and fight back against their extreme agenda. I hope others will join me.

Devoyna Howden,

Thurston County