Hospitals crucial part of robust health care system



As a firefighter, I know that emergencies don’t respect anybody’s schedule. We first responders have to be on call day and night to respond to whatever crisis may arise. Hospitals are our partners in this effort. They stay open all hours of the day so they can tend to any patient who needs care, be it a routine health issue or a sudden emergency.

My work has shown me that hospitals are vital during emergencies, public health crises or natural disasters. But my personal life has shown me they are also important backstops during quieter crises. When one of my aging family members was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it certainly qualified as a crisis within our family. Luckily, our local hospital has been there to help every step of the way, providing quality, coordinated care from a professional team of physicians.

I am concerned by the challenging circumstances our hospitals and health systems face. If hospitals don’t have adequate resources or financial support, they won’t be able to provide the life-saving care that families like mine depend on. We all deserve a robust support system in times of crisis. Hospitals are a crucial component of that system.

Tim Krumland