Letter to the Editor: In Search of  My Birth Family


My name is Brody Quiggle. I was born May 6, 1981, at Centralia General Hospital. I was put up for adoption at 7 weeks old. It was a closed adoption to George and Teri Quiggle. 

I’m looking for my birth parents. I’m 41 years old and living in Spokane.

I am married with three children and just want to find anyone in my birth family that might know who my parents are. 

George and Teri Quiggle lived in Cathlamet at the time of adoption and also adopted my sister Lacey Quiggle before my adoption.

If you could help me it’s important as I have developed cancer and I don’t know how much time I have. 

Please reach out to me if you can help reunite me to someone in the family. God bless and happy New Years. 

My email address is brodybro40@outlook.com and my phone number is 509-362-6509.


Brody Quiggle

Spokane Valley