Letter to the Editor: I Get You Can’t Stop Progress, But Please Curtail It


Although I appreciate all the staff do for our town of Yelm, our town is growing too much. We’ve been here for 35 years and watched its progress. I’ve seen our now mom and pop cafes cut hours to employees’ dismay because of too many food and bar establishments opening up.

Look at what happened when you lifted the moratorium on fast food. Mom and pop places closed. I’m afraid it will happen again.

Also a lot of apartments going up adding more people, drivers and congestion to an already congested main road. Since we moved here, you have promised a bypass, to no avail, which has yet to be finished.

Look at that huge storage unit, blocking the view from our citizens. Couldn’t you at least make them paint a mural on that big, gray wall?

We raised our kids here and we love this town. Wow. I get it you can’t stop progress, but you can curtail it. Please do so.

Janet McCormick,

A Yelm city lover from McKenna


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  • cgates18349

    Many have raised families in Thurston County, and as they age they too will need housing.

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