Letter to the Editor: Discuss policy with civility



Civility in public discourse is in short supply. The bipartisan Project for Civic Health refers to a 2018 poll, in which 93% of Americans said incivility is a problem in the United States. “Incivility” is a mild word to describe the toxicity that has divided political parties, school boards and many families in the past few years.

My Second Legislative District Washington state Sen. Jim McCune sent out a Nov. 28 newsletter to his constituents with a sentence saying: “I will oppose those on the radical left who want to sacrifice the safety of our children and their innocence to sexual deviation and exploitation by perverted adults with political agendas.”

I would encourage my Second Legislative District senator to have a civil discussion on policy instead of falsely labeling those he disagrees with as “sexual deviants.”

Let’s set an example for our children and discuss policy instead of name-calling.

Madeline Bishop