Kangiser an ideal choice for Yelm City Council


I would like to see Stephanie Kangiser on the City Council. She has been a steadfast advocate for Yelm for many years. Her consistency is very apparent and very important, not only because she’s owned her business for more than 10 years, but also because she’s been involved in many different entities that have continually improved life for people in and around Yelm.

She may not have any formal prior government experience but has made it a point to attend the City Council meetings to learn all about how it functions for several years and is ready for this endeavor and responsibility. I am convinced that she will have the best interest of Yelm and its people in mind with her level-headed view on many different issues that the city is facing and working through. In my years of working with her, I have gotten to know a person who always has an open ear for differing views, and will go the extra mile to make sure she listens to understand, not only to respond. I think she will be a force for making sure everyone in the 98597 zip code will have their voices heard, which is an important matter to me, since I live outside of city limits. Her passion for volunteering in the community shows her love for the place she’s called home for many years and her eagerness to serve its people.

If you want someone whose love for Yelm and its citizens is apparent and who will make sure to educate herself about the issues at hand to make the best informed decision for Yelm, who is approachable and has a very balanced view on many different topics, vote Stephanie Kangiser for City Council.

Andrea Hall