Yelm FFA Experiences Record Breaking Year at Plant Sale


The Yelm High School’s FFA Plant Sale returned to an in-person format on Thursday, April 28, breaking records as shoppers pursued the bounty of available plants.

On the first day of the sale, the club raised $23,000, which was enough to break the prior school record. The school record for the total amount raised during the sale was broken as well as over $25,000 was brought in by the event.

Prior to the sale, some of the FFA’s leaders were unsure about how many people would attend since the two prior sales were featured online because of the pandemic, but their nerves went away when 351 customers made purchases on the first day of the sale.

“We were nervous at first (and) didn’t know what to expect because of COVID-19 and the changes the event has seen the last two years,” said YHS teacher Hilary Hull, one of the event’s organizers. “Several different shoppers told us that the FFA Plant Sale is their Black Friday.”

Not only were several records broken, but the plant sale sold out, leading the event to close one day early. According to Hull, the event was supposed to run through Saturday, April 30, but they had to close on Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m.

“It was incredible seeing so many faces, both familiar and unfamiliar,” said Hull.

The plant sale is run entirely by FFA members, both students and administrators. This year, there were over 115 student volunteers who helped set up, guide shoppers, and explain differences in plants.

“The cool part about my class is that the students get to design the plant sale for next year,” said Hull. “They want to be sure to include a wider variety of hanging baskets next year and grow more vegetables as well.”

Amid a return to in-person sales, Hull said there are benefits from the physical interactions her students had with customers.

“Online the last two years was definitely different, but we saw the community support which was great,” said Hull. “But real learning comes from students working with customers in person, one on one. They get to utilize what they’ve learned in the classroom to instruct and help guide customers. And because of the pandemic these last few years, we were missing out on that.”

But the most important takeaway of the FFA Plant Sale for Hull was the fact her students enjoyed being part of the event.

“It was great seeing the students enjoy running the sale, from setting up to selling items,” said Hull. “The students were so proud of what they’ve created and to be able to be so knowledgeable about their product.”

Hull expressed gratitude to everyone who was involved with the plant sale.

“Thank you to the community for giving their support to the FFA again. Another big thank you goes to the agriculture department teachers. There are nine of us in total, and we all volunteered our time to water, set up and organize,” Hull said. “Lastly, I want to thank the FFA students who gave so much of their time to ensure that this event can properly run, and be successful.”

The members of the FFA will have the chance to compete against other FFA members across the state. Thirty-five students of Yelm’s FFA club will compete in the Tri-Cities, while 12 will compete in Pullman.


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