Worthy Coffee Co.’s Sunday worship aims to build community

By Jacob Dimond/jake@yelmonline.com


On Sundays, Worthy Coffee Co. in Roy offers more than just caffeinated beverages and treats. Instead, co-owners Brandy and Josh Worthy offer the Holy Spirit and prayer.

Over 50 attendants gathered inside the local coffee shop to hear Crossover Ministries, of Parkland, present February’s Sunday worship session, with hymns, testimonials and sermons, which lasted from 5:30 p.m. until a little after 8 p.m. at the business, at 9111 346th St. S.

“We really let the Holy Spirit do his work here,” Brandi Worthy said. “He’s the one that suggested we do that, and we just move forward and be obedient to what he’s asking us to do. He does everything. I do see what he’s doing, which is bringing his community together and bringing our churches together.”

Josh Worthy agreed with his wife’s statement.

“We’re just doing what the Lord is asking us to do,” Josh added. “I just love seeing people from all over the community that go to different churches, and some that don’t go to church, all joining together in a place that isn’t considered a church to be able to freely worship.” 

The Worthys want their Sunday gatherings to provide a welcoming environment for a night of community worship. The business prioritizes building strong relationships with members of the community, they said. 

“I feel like with everything going on in the world today, how we make our mark or help change the world is by starting right here in the community and letting it expand. That’s how I’ve been seeing this vision of how I’m going to make a difference in the world, and it’s to start here,” Josh said. “We love everybody where they’re at. If anybody has something going on and they need someone to talk to, at any time, come in and talk.”

Emotions ran high throughout the evening of singing and worship, but participants left the event feeling fulfilled, with smiles on their faces and conversations with their neighbors as they exited. 

“You leave feeling at peace. You can come in feeling totally stressed out but leave feeling completely different,” Brandi said. “We love this. It’s our job to bring the community together. We want to be there for people in the community and accept them right where they’re at.”

While they have hosted Sunday worship events and numerous gatherings since opening in June 2023, Josh said they’ve built new relationships with patrons and community members. 

“We’re meeting so many more people in the community, and it feels so much like a family. I totally understand the ‘support local’ saying. We use local contractors. We support the schools with their dances and sports,” Josh said. “Even though we’ve been here a long time, I feel like we’re at the beginning of something new in the Yelm community.” 

Brandi noted as attendance at Sunday worship events has increased since they began at Worthy Coffee Co.

“These Sunday worships just keep getting bigger,” Brandi said. “I could see it being outside and in the parking lot because it’s too small of a space in here. You can’t put God in a box.” 

Josh added, “We’re looking for a bigger place. I was thinking earlier, even if we had a bigger venue somewhere, we could still bring our coffee trailer and host. It would still be Worthy Coffee Co., but we’re definitely looking for a bigger place.”

Worthy Coffee Co. will host its next Sunday worship event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 24, with Joseph and Frankie Richardson leading the event.