Vote for change to turn port around


Dear Thurston County voters,

We have a great opportunity for positive change with this election. You’ve probably seen headlines about chronic mismanagement at the Port of Olympia. As a former port commissioner, often the lone dissenting voice, I’m painfully aware that your taxpayer dollars have been spent on big settlements, on expensive equipment that sits unused, and to support speculative developers.

The status quo at the port is dysfunctional. But you can turn the tide by electing three commissioners – a new majority—to bring new vision, new energy and a new commitment to community values.

The Port of Olympia, as the only local government tasked with economic development, can be a key partner in enhancing quality of life for Thurston County residents. But not with current leadership or their hand-picked successors.

That’s why Jasmine, Maggie and Sarah are running to bring change to the port. They will work for sustainable economic development, building thriving downtowns and investing in our rural communities. They’ll support the small businesses who are the backbone of our economy, struggling to make payroll.

Together, these three women bring great experience in building bipartisan coalitions, improving workforce cultures, understanding technology and developing innovative job programs. And they are not beholden to the special interests who are funding their opponents.

If you’re tired of government that is disconnected from your values, then vote for change, and vote for Sarah, Maggie and Jasmine.

Jasmine Vasavada, Her opponent overspent millions at the port, overburdening taxpayers. Thanks to her opponent’s years of “service,” a huge balloon payment will soon increase your port taxes even more, to cover old loans.

Maggie Sanders,

Sarah Tonge,

E.J. Zita