Vasavada will bring smart new leadership to port


Vote Jasmine Vasavada for Port of Olympia District 1 to bring leadership that will stand up for our local community and small business. Port commissions have historically been the old boys club where big industry gets a boost. Jasmine Vasavada is the kind of smart new leadership the Port of Olympia needs in District 1 to support local economic growth that will benefit us all.

As former director of policy and legislation for the Washington Department of Commerce, Jasmine Vasavada has a record of working with ports across the state to build critical infrastructure and ensure growth benefits the local economy. Her resume includes public interest lawyer, legislative counsel and energy policy specialist, which has gained her access to networks of regional leadership that will help bring her innovative ideas for the Port of Olympia to the table and strengthen our local bargaining power in public/private partnerships.

The Port of Olympia manages extensive light industrial lands in Thurston County and has the opportunity to be an engine for growing our local economy. Jasmine Vasavada has won the endorsement of Thurston County’s agricultural community by not only buying from local farms, but putting in the time to learn how to support our small farms.

As Yelm farm owners and small business advocates, we endorse Jasmine Vasavada for Port of Olympia District 1.

Warren Neth