Upcoming forum important to Yelm residents



Respectfully, to my community I ask several questions. Please read them and contemplate how you would answer.

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, June 13, at the Yelm Community Center, someone from Thurston County will be present to offer us information about their Agenda 2045, Comprehensive Plan. It is called FORUM 2045.

Do you own or invest in property here 10 acres or more? Does your family? Your friends or neighbors?

Are you familiar with the “Takings Clause” of the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, Eminent Domain/Just Compensation?

Have you researched what the actual agenda for the Comprehension Plan entails — like offering us options and asking what our choices would be? Do you think these councils and commissions will listen to us if we disagree with their options?

Do we have alternate and viable options to their plans to assist them to help us?

Are you aware that many of the WACs and RCWs passed the past few sessions impact the whole, toward the 2045 Comprehensive Plan via the Growth Management Act being put into place? How do you feel about affecting changes that support Washingtonians' life, liberty and happiness, versus politics or foreign investors?

If you have answers to any of these and want to know more, I suggest you visit the Thurston County website and look for Agenda 2045. Come to the Yelm center to get your questions answered or find out more. Participate.

Get involved to affect the changes you want to see, not just the lobbyists, stakeholders, investors or politicians; we all have to live here and be happy about it.

Reni Storm