Thurston County Receives Clean Audit for Sixth Straight Year


Thurston County received a clean audit from the state auditor’s office for the sixth straight year, according to a news release from the county.   

The state auditor’s office conducts financial and accountability audits of the county every year. Independent audits provide essential accountability and transparency for county government, according to the release.

The state auditor’s office took a particular look at the use of credit cards, cost allocations, payroll, accounts payable and several other areas. The county auditor’s office oversees financial services for all county government.

“Credit for the clean audit goes to our talented staff and sound financial policies,” said Mary Hall, Thurston County auditor. “Our county-wide culture of financial best practices has resulted in clean audits for the last six years.”

An audit team from the state auditor’s office worked with the Thurston County auditor’s financial services division for the last two months to complete financial and accountability audits. Staff from the board of county commissioners’ and treasurer’s offices and other county departments were also involved with the audit. 

“County staff were friendly and easy to work with,” read the SOA’s report in part. “Supporting documentation was provided in an organized and timely manner. Staff were open and welcoming of recommendations for improvement.”


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