Sirens: Deputies Take Fire in Recent Incident; ‘Aggressive’ Woman Assaults Boyfriend; Woman Pays $3,000 of Fake Bail Money to Scammers; Vandals Egg Man’s Vehicle on Yelm Avenue; Thief Smashes Car Window, Steals Purse; Catalytic Thieves Return to Yelm


Deputies Take Fire in Recent Incident

Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an incident on Saturday, July 17 in the area of the 16000 block of Chuckawa Lane Southeast in Yelm, according to the Thurston County-Sheriff Facebook page.

A man in his 70s reportedly fired at deputies and was taken into custody on multiple counts of assault in the first degree.

Law enforcement officers did not fire any shots and no one was injured. No other information on the incident was available as of the Nisqually Valley News' deadline.

‘Aggressive’ Woman Assaults Boyfriend

Yelm police officers responded to a disturbance at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 13, in the roadway of the 200 block of Stevens Avenue Northwest.

According to a police report, a man and woman matching the description given to police were standing together when officers arrived.

The woman told officers she can be “pretty aggressive” and “got in his face,” the report states.

The man told police the woman had slapped him, and the officer reportedly noticed a red mark on his face.

The woman was arrested for assault in the fourth degree.

Woman Pays $3,000 of Fake Bail Money to Scammers

Yelm police officers responded to a fraud call at about 6:10 p.m. Tuesday, July 13.

According to a police report, an individual called a woman and told her she was under investigation for crimes against her children. A second caller then gave her a call and told her she needed to pay the Yelm Police Department $3,000 in MoneyPak gift cards for her bail. Distraught, she did as she was asked and gave the caller the card numbers over the phone.

The woman then dropped her kids off at a safe location and went to the police department to turn herself in.

Law enforcement told her the police department does not function in the way the scam artist directed her and advised her to call the gift card company in an attempt to stop future transactions for the cards.

Vandals Egg Man’s Vehicle on Yelm Avenue

A man was driving westbound on Yelm Avenue, near Vancil Road, when two individuals allegedly threw an egg at his car on Wednesday, July 14.

A police report stated the egg reportedly struck the vehicle as he drove past.

At the time, the man reported to police that he did not think any damage had occurred. He reportedly had no information as to who the suspects were other than their race.

Later, the man found out the clear coat on his vehicle had been damaged where the egg had struck, the report states.

Police took down the report for insurance reasons.

Thief Smashes Car Window, Steals Purse

A woman reported to Yelm police officers at about 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, July 15, that while parked at Casa Mia, an unknown individual had broken her vehicle’s window.

The woman told police her purse, which was in the back seat of the vehicle, was missing, a police report stated.

Police officers pulled footage of the area, but the video was too dark to obtain any information on the suspect.

Catalytic Thieves Return to Yelm

The Yelm Police Department responded to a string of car-part thefts in the Yelm area last week.

- On Thursday, July 15, a man’s catalytic converter was cut off his vehicle while he was parked at the 507 Taproom, according to a police report.

- On Friday, July 16, a man’s catalytic converter was cut off while he was parked at Yelm Cinemas, and a woman’s catalytic converter was also taken while she was working at Walmart, according to police reports.

- On Saturday, July 17, a Rent-A-Center employee reported to police the exhaust systems of two of the business’ work vans had been removed, a police report states.

The thefts reportedly amounted to thousands of dollars in damages.


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