Roy city leaders must answer for finances


The Nisqually Valley News ran an article in March of this year that covered a loss to Roy of $40,000, an overpayment in salary to the Roy treasurer, as well as other discrepancies.

While it was made clear that getting the assistance of accountants to straighten the matter would be difficult due to the tax season, six months have elapsed. As a resident of Roy and someone who has seen corruption drain the funds of a small town, I want to know what IS being done. Is ANYONE being held responsible, or are we looking at another case of sweeping things under a rug?

Although your article indicated the county is not interested in pressing charges, shouldn’t the matter be reviewed by the state Attorney General … preferably before key parties move away?

Frankly, I didn’t anticipate retiring from keeping government contractors honest only to wind up in a town that has a problem with money.

Richard Franco