Rosemont Round-Up offers fun for people of all ages

Attendees treated to horse-trick riding, a barbecue and more


The moos of a highland cow, smooth country music and joyous laughter energized Prestige Senior Living Rosemont’s Rosemont Round-Up in Yelm on Friday, Sept. 8. Faintly, George Brown strummed along to the country tunes with his mandolin.

The Roy resident sat adjacent to the stage so as not to interfere with the band, Prairie Fire, but to learn what members were playing and practice the instrument he recently learned.

“I’ll do whatever I can do to brighten these kids’ days when I show up to play,” Brown said. “I didn’t go up on stage to play today because this is their show, so I just asked if I can sit here real quietly trying to find out what they’re playing. I can’t read a note. All I do is by ear.”

Brown, while not a resident at Prestige, has built a relationship with the staff and its residents with his frequent visits at events. He was one of a large crowd of rodeogoers of all ages who attended the third annual Rosemont Round-Up.

In addition to the band, the free event included a barbecue dinner, games and a bake sale. Washington State High School Rodeo Association members were on hand with horses to treat attendees with their trick riding.

The biggest change from previous events was the addition of a Highland cow and also dogs for residents and attendees to play with.

Event organizers from Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, 215 Killion Road NW, expected a higher turnout at this year’s event as the first two were during or shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel like we’re finally getting back to normalcy,” Community Relations Director Kylie Woods said. “It’s just nice for people to enjoy life again.”

Woods said that Prestige is becoming known for its events that it holds year-round and that the expectations were high for the third round-up.

“I had a couple of people come up to us and ask us if we’re having our annual rodeo, so that means that we’re getting remembered and recognized,” she said. “It’s really important because it’s for everyone of all ages. Everyone is involved. It doesn’t just target our seniors.”

Both Woods and Executive Director Robina Gaines hope that the community spreads the word about Prestige’s local events, which are fun for the whole family, not just the residents.

“I think we just want more and more of the public to get involved with us. I think it’s so great to have intergenerational social interactions,” Gaines said. “It’s a benefit for our residents and for our community as well.”