Re-elect Brooks for Yelm council


The citizens of Yelm have an opportunity to hold on to an amazing City Council member. Let’s not pass this one up. A compassionate and capable young woman, Ashley Lea Brooks is running to retain her seat on the Yelm City Council this election.

Brooks filled the vacancy seat on the council on Oct. 11, 2022, through rank-choice voting by existing council members. Since then, she has responsibly reviewed budget and spending requests, including decisions about purchasing long-term assets and operating decisions that would accomplish much-needed goals.

Brooks aims to weigh options and make informed choices for the future of Yelm and its residents. This includes annexing properties and voting to keep commercial property as is. The growth management of public services and safety is a priority for Brooks.

The strengths that Brooks brings to the governing body of the City of Yelm go beyond expectation in the capacity to improve the quality of life for the citizens. She emulates an ambassador by empowering and supporting those with whom she works in local and regional meetings.

Her ability to maintain standing in various social circles lends to her perception of what Yelm residents are seeking from our city government. You can find her (and her vibrant orange hair) at Yelm Community Schools, Rotary Club, Senior Center, Rosemont, booster clubs, Chamber of Commerce and at family-friendly events.

Brooks’ goal as a leader is to empower future leaders. Community members who want to feel included and seen can count on Brooks to listen and engage with them, lending real voice to their concerns. She ensures that her children, ages 13 and 5, strive to serve the public, as well, through the many volunteer opportunities present in our community.

Unincorporated Yelm has a voice with Brooks as a city councilor. She grew up in the Lake Lawrence community. She knows the early hours required for commutes to work and school, how harsh winters can be and the danger risk of fallen trees and icy roads.

When you receive your ballot, I beseech you, vote to retain Ashley Lea Brooks for Yelm City Council Position 6 and let your voice be heard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wendy Mueller