Quilt Guild, Rainier Community Members Sew 230 Stockings for Christmas


The Prairie Points Quilt Guild and various Rainier community members sewed together 230 Christmas stockings to be filled by the Rainier Senior Center and distributed at Rainier’s Christmas tree lighting on Thursday, Dec. 2. 

Founded in 2002, the guild will celebrate its 20-year anniversary along with the new year.

Tammie Meyers, co-founder of the Prairie Points Quilt Guild, said the guild has been sewing the stockings for about nine years in different capacities.

They made them for veterans, and nursing home residents, before the move this year to produce them for Rainier’s youth full of candy, toys and fruit.

“They are for kids in the community,” Meyers said. “And other kids will be handing them out with Santa as Rainier is lighting up the (community) Christmas tree.”

At first, the guild thought 130 stockings would be sufficient for the program, but with the success of Rainier’s Halloween festival, community members thought it would be prudent to have 100 additional stockings.

“We got our 130 requests in January, and we made the 130, and passed them over to the seniors to fill,” Meyers said.

She added that when the senior center asked for 100 more, she lamented, because the quilting guild had exhausted its effort on the first 130.

So Meyers decided she would invite the community in for a stocking-sewing marathon, where she taught interested individuals how to make them, along with some of the other guild members.

“They are quilted on top,” she said. “It’s a flip-and-sew process, and multiple strips are put on it. So they’re not just a plain piece of fabric. There’s like eight  to 10 strips of variegated fabric on it, Christmas fabrics. The back is satin and it has a little hanger to it. It’s pretty cool. Anyone who came in to help said, ‘Oh my, I didn’t know you guys got so fancy.’”

She said all the volunteers had unique skill sets, from sewing-machine wielders, to kit-makers, to those who used cutting tools or sergers.

“We had different jobs available for different skills, so anyone who walked in was able to do a job,” Meyers said. “Kathy had her husband come in and Bill did quality control. He had the stockings turned inside out and made sure that there’s no holes and made sure they looked good for pressing.”

The quilting marathon occurred earlier this month, attracting 15 adults and five kids, Meyers said.

Participants included folks from the senior center and the We Love Rainier group.

“It was a good turnout,” she said. “Kids got to learn how to sew. Adults that hadn’t sewed in forever got to get together, so that was exciting. I think we’re going to do it again next year, just the same,” she said.

Prairie Points Quilt Guild is always looking for new members. Those interested can contact Meyers at 360-584-7582.


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