Prestige Senior Living Rosemont hosts over 70 guests for Thanksgiving luncheon


Prestige Senior Living Rosemont was packed with friends, family members and community members hungry for a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Nov. 17 as the facility hosted a Thanksgiving luncheon event.

Robina Gaines, Rosemont’s executive director, said 71 friends, family members and community members joined the residents at the facility. She said this was the most participants Rosemont has hosted at a luncheon.

“We’re really excited that we’re packed. We’re so happy to have everyone here with us to celebrate the holiday,” Gaines said. “I’m thankful for the staff here. I always call them my dream team, and I think we have such a great team here. They 100% know they’re giving back to the residents, and they’re here for all the right reasons. They all have huge hearts, and it’s definitely inspirational to lead them every day. I’m very thankful for them.”

Gaines described Thanksgiving as an important time to connect with loved ones. She said residents at Rosemont were “so excited” on the day of the luncheon and they look forward to seeing new faces at the monthly luncheon events.

“During the holiday season, it’s a reminder to be thankful and grateful for everything we have, everyone that we have in our lives,” Gaines said. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have everyone here today. It’s so nice to have a packed house full of family and friends. It’s a very memorable moment today.”

Shirley Rodger and Christine Snyder, residents at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal surrounded by their friends. Snyder said she’s thankful for everything the facility offers, as staff go out of their way to make her comfortable.

“I think it’s really good to have a luncheon event like this where the community can get involved. We really appreciate everything that Rosemont does for us to make the experience as great as possible,” Rodger said. “Today has been a wonderful time.”

Wendy Hackethal, Rodger and Snyder’s friend, said the people at the facility are extremely nice, and she had nothing but praise for Prestige Senior Living Rosemont.

“I’ve looked at other facilities in other states, along with this facility, and this is the nicest location I’ve seen,” Hackethal said. “It has the most personable atmosphere, and people here really feel like they’re at home.”

Another friend of Rodger and Snyder, Becky Puschnig, said she’s thankful for people like them and for making new friends. She noted that everyone she’s seen at the Rosemont facility is happy, and that it is a great place to live.

Prestige Senior Living Rosemont plans to host a monthly public event, Gaines said. On Dec. 8, the facility will host a Christmas tree lighting, followed by “PJ’s and Paint” on Dec. 15. PJ’s and Paint will be a “paint and sip in your PJ’s,” Gaines said.