Nisqually Rez Mart to Move into New Facility Next Year


Medicine Creek Enterprises, of the Nisqually Tribe, will relocate its Rez Mart to the roundabout that intersects Yelm Highway and state Route 510, with construction expected through the end of spring 2022.

Following an opening prayer and words from the enterprise board and Nisqually Council Chairman Willie Frank III, the business hosted the groundbreaking for the relocation at its future location earlier this month.

“The project will reference the origins of the original Rez Mart, but join the rest of the Nisqually Markets in the overall look and feel,” stated a news release.

It included that KMB architects have produced conceptual drawings for the endeavour.

“(Medicine Creek Enterprises’) purpose for the Tribe is to create economic development opportunities,” said Bob Iyall, chief executive officer of Medicine Creek Enterprises.

He added the Nisqually Markets across the street from the Red Wind Casino does a great job economically for the tribe and the company wants the Rez Mart to add to that.

“We broke ground on Nov. 1,” Iyall said. “Our old Rez Mart that has been around for decades and moved two or three times, the current location is rapidly decaying and … it’s served its purpose. We are relocating into a brand new facility.”

The new facility will have a full-service convenience store with six fuel pumps along with a separate coffee shop and a car wash.

Hanford McCloud, a Nisqually Tribal Council member, said he’s excited about the incoming car wash.

“We’re building a better facility,” McCloud said. “The facility we’re in right now is dilapidated. It’s falling apart. … We won’t have to go to Yelm or Lacey to wash our cars (anymore), so we are looking forward to that.”

And the construction schedule is ambitious, given the current supply chain issues.

“We’re shooting for next June to have the construction (complete),” Iyall said. “Hopefully we are not going to have any serious delays. The supply chains are pretty rough these days for building materials, and even the fuel equipment is questionable, but hopefully they show up on time and we don’t have any serious delays.”

He said the new location at the roundabout will increase the business done at Rez Mart.

“We’re going to pick up a lot more traffic there,” Iyall said. “The traffic almost doubles at that point, so there’s a large customer base there that we’re missing.”


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