McDonald’s column unfairly portrays Gluesenkamp Perez, Kent



I’m writing in response to Julie McDonald’s guest commentary, Jan. 25.

She starts out calling Joe Kent a far-right critic, a MAGA extremist who has ties to Adolf Hitler and white nationalists, whatever they are.

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez , on the other hand, is a moderate woman of the people. Who supports abortion up to and after the birth of the child and transgender health services.

I attended MGP’s Tenino town hall last summer. It was a typical, carefully scripted event with pre-approved, screened questions. She took none from the floor.

I submitted a question about the border crisis and the 100,000 plus drug overdose deaths. Her answer was some canned response about how we need to do more to help people in their own countries. Tell that to the half a million or so mothers who have lost sons or daughters or the millions more with family members hopelessly addicted. Or all of us affected by the crime it fuels.

Joe Kent in contrast, will be at Mr. Dougs restaurant in Yelm on Feb. 8 to meet with anyone interested to answer any questions you may have. I have attended his events before and am very impressed with the man and will support him for Congress. He has quietly served our country for many years and paid a terrible price.

I have mentioned this before, but I would like to personally invite the staff of the Nisqually Valley News to attend. You can literally see Mr. Dougs from your office in Yelm. Come meet the man and look him in the eye, and then if you want to print things about him that are biased and unfair, I will say nothing more.

Martin Miller