Main Street Cookie Co. Relocates to Tumwater Under New Name


Main Street Cookie Co., a former staple in downtown Rainier, relocated to Tumwater earlier this month and changed its name to LUV Cookies. 

Store owner Joycelyn Zambuto said management decided the business would need to find a new home around 18 months ago. 

“There were a lot of issues with the former location and we were there for 15 years,” Zambuto said. “It’s an old building that hasn’t been maintained that well, and going forward it looked like we would need to find a new location. And here we are now.”

While it was hard leaving the community of Rainier after one and a half decades, Zambuto said they are excited for their new adventure and grateful for the support of residents. 

“Thank you to the community in Rainier, Yelm and Tenino for supporting us all of those years,” Zambuto said. “Some of the most wonderful people became not just customers, but friends, and we won’t forget that. We’ve already seen some of them at our new location, too.” 

It took a year to build the new location in Tumwater, Zambuto said. 

Aside from a new address, Zambuto said the store is currently working to implement online ordering, which will make it easy for residents of Rainier and the surrounding community to obtain the sweets they could once grab on Main Street. 

“We want to increase our online sales, which is something we’ve always wanted to do. In fact, one portion of our business will be dedicated entirely for that,” Zambuto said. “People will be able to order cookies from our website to have them delivered directly to them.”

Zambuto said she was initially “cautiously optimistic” about their new Tumwater spot, which they opened on Nov. 8.  

“Our expectations have been exceeded,” Zambuto said. “We’ve actually had many of our customers that are thinking we’re at our old location, and then realize we aren’t, drive out here. We’re very thankful for all of our customers. This new location in Tumwater has been very welcoming.”

Like many businesses that move to a new location, Zambuto said they have run into some challenges, but they’re learning how to address those. They’ve implemented several new systems at the Tumwater store.

“We have the additional space at our store to do it, so we’re automating a lot of our systems,” Zambuto said. “There will be a learning curve in doing it, but it’ll be a good learning curve.” 

Zambuto said once they have installed their new systems, they’ll be able to implement a second day delivery service, which will be a first for the business. 

LUV Cookies is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. They can be reached at 360-446-0232 or by email at

Their new storefront is located at 804 79th Ave. S. in Tumwater.