Local ranch owners are finding new ways to distribute their products

Green Branch Ranch Pantry offers goods for a trip home


James and Kelsey Davis first started Green Branch Ranch when they moved to Eastern Washington on 17 acres of land. Their focus has been sustainable food-growing practices and preserving them.

They have since relocated to Yelm on a 50-acre ranch, and now they’ve found new ways to distribute their products with the GBR pantry located near their farm at 13311 Bald Hill Road.

“The GBR Pantry came from the opportunity to offer our products and other local products to our customers and community as a quick-stop option to support local,” Kelsey Davis said.

The GBR Pantry was made by Davis and her husband as a convenient location for people to grab their “pantry necessities” before heading home.

Everything is stocked in the pantry structure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People can stop by the structure and use the grab-and-pay system. Products inside come from the ranch and other local producers and include beeswax lip balm, goats milk soap, counter-top egg holders, candles, eggs, honey and home-canned items. Eggs are stocked every morning. Meat items are “to order” during butchering season.

“Locals have voiced the convenience of the Pantry being a quick stop that is self-sufficient and easy,” Davis said. “The prices are listed there at the Pantry, as well as numerous payment options.”

Davis said they love educating the community on the benefits of buying locally sourced food.

“We wanted to be another avenue for our community to enjoy homegrown food that is grass-fed and raised ethically in our pastures with love and care,” Davis said.

Green Branch Ranch raises beef, chicken and eggs.

“We will soon be expanding to grow lamb, goat, goat milk, turkey and pork, as well as other options,” Davis said.

For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/greenbranchranch.yelm/.