Levy needed to keep funding schools appropriately



On Feb. 13, voters will decide whether Yelm Community Schools should keep its levy, which is a tax of up to $2.50 per $1,000 and makes up 13% of all district funding. I urge voters to vote YES because the levy is needed to continue to fund our schools appropriately.

Voters already approved a similar levy four years ago, so if it passes, it doesn’t increase taxes at all.

However, if voters decide to withdraw support, our schools will be forced to make large cuts. 

The levy helps pay for one out of six teachers and five out of six paraeducators. The levy is needed to keep our class sizes down and provide adequate support. It helps pay for learning staff, counselors, student activities, operations, technology and more.

Now is not the time to reduce funding to our schools. Higher class sizes and reduced activities would be terrible for our youth. Strong schools equals strong communities. Please vote YES.

Jerry Toompas