Letter to the Editor: I Thank You Again for Your Support and Ask for Your Vote


To the people of Thurston County and Pierce County:

I am Keith Swank. As we near the end of this long campaign I just wanted to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support I have received. It is truly humbling. I want to thank all of the amazing volunteers who have worked tirelessly. I believe the idea of America is what brought us all together and not me personally, I just happened to be the candidate.

The issues we are facing are many. Some national, some local. I have spent a lifetime in the service of my country and don’t regret a minute of it.

All of us have witnessed the descent into chaos. I don’t believe it is the American destiny to be a third-rate corrupt banana republic controlled by the few with money and the large corporations but a country where the citizens have the power and are represented by public servants who look after their best interests and not those of the few elites. Every citizen deserves to be heard. Every citizen deserves to be secure. Every citizen deserves the opportunity and freedom to reach their full potential.

I believe we have turned down the wrong path the last couple of years and rather than mention all the things that have gone obviously wrong I would rather mention the great opportunity we have for the future. I trust America will win this battle. Please join me in putting the country back on the rails. I thank you again for your support and ask for your vote.

Keith Swank,

candidate for Congress CD10,