Letter to the Editor: I Thank Molly Carmody for her Public Service


The city of Yelm has lost an outstanding public servant with the resignation of council member Molly Carmody. Mayor-elect and fellow councilmember Joe DePinto said on his Facebook tribute, “While I didn’t always see eye to eye on the issues with councilmember Carmody, I valued and respected her opinion. More than that, I thought she always came prepared to the meetings and read through all our council packets.”

I agree that Molly was one of the best prepared councilors and not timid in speaking up for what she thought was best for the city and her constituents. She served our nation and this city well. Molly is a veteran of Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom, and spent six years in the United States Navy Reserves, and was a former co-chair of the Yelm Planning Commission. She and husband Dan Crowe invested in this city by purchasing the Yelm Masonic Temple, restoring the building to a crown jewel here. I served with Molly as a founding board member of the Yelm Business Association and can attest to DePinto’s comments above. She was knowledgeable, came well-prepared and expressed her views.

Councilor Carmody gave an inspiring speech at her first swearing in with other newly elected officials from around the county in early January 2016. Here is an excerpt on why she wanted to be on the Yelm City Council:

“I ran because over the years, Yelm has deteriorated into an oligarchy — run by a very few, very secretive elite. Policy was often made behind closed doors and the results weren’t always good for the people. The citizens have been pushed out of the governmental process and no longer live in a true democracy. When only 30% of eligible voters cast a ballot, we are in danger of losing the very foundation of equality and democracy that we so cherish in this country. In order to bring back equality and democracy to Yelm, to Thurston County, to Washington and to the nation, we need to redefine democratic equality into three main principles. The first is that we are not a collection of individuals. By its very definition, individualism divides and separates people from their society. Rather, we should consider ourselves to be diverse, singular citizens. Secondly, we need to reestablish reciprocity and mutual recognition. Lastly, we need to develop a sense of community as a whole.”

Bottom line: Carmody was confronted by that same oligarchy she referenced almost six years ago, from a vitriolic, accusatory challenge about her residency, delivered in tone and manner as a frontal assault on her character, by two outgoing councilors. The intent was clear in political motivation.

How sad that Yelm loses a valuable and experienced councilor during a vulnerable time of transition, with new council members and mayor soon seated. I thank Molly Carmody for her public service. Molly’s legacy is that she held to these principles throughout her elected tenure, her inspiration from 2016 is a warning and a clarion call for our new leaders.

Steve Klein, McKenna


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  • mfbishop

    Yes, thank you Molly!

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