Letter: Braun incorrect in assessment about education funding



Schools do need the funding from the capital gains tax.

I disagree with Sen. John Braun’s Feb. 20 commentary titled “Democrats are wrong to use children as defense of income tax.”

The capital gains tax is not an income tax and has been upheld by the courts.

Braun said, “Schools are going to be funded no matter what, precisely because providing for K-12 is the Legislature’s paramount duty.”

That is simply not true. The 2017 McCleary fix for school funding, that Braun oversaw, has failed to provide our schools the funding that’s necessary to educate our kids and meet their needs. Especially troubling is the cap on special education funding, which even The Seattle Times said is indefensible.

The Legislature’s 2017 education funding plan has failed. The capital gains tax provides a much needed revenue stream for schools.

If voters repeal Washington’s capital gains tax by passing Initiative 2109, where will we get the money schools need? Bigger levies on property tax?

Billionaires profit by having an educated workforce. It is time they paid their fair share. Please vote no on Initiative 2109.

Madeline Bishop