King Cronic smashed, burglarized after car crashes through entrance

Three suspects flee in white vehicle after stealing products


King Cronic, a cannabis store located at 1110 E. Yelm Ave. in Yelm, was smashed by a stolen car shortly after midnight on Tuesday, June 4. Three suspects were caught on surveillance cameras crashing through the front door, and they proceeded to steal products from the store, damaging cabinets in the process.

The suspects left the stolen silver car running and took off in a white vehicle, carrying their stolen merchandise in a bright yellow suitcase. No one was present in the store at the time of the burglary, and no arrests have been made.

Manager Nikita Davis was notified around 4:30 a.m. of the incident and arrived after 5:30 a.m. She said Yelm police first contacted the previous owners of the business, who then relayed the information to Davis. She described the three suspects as all men, one Black, one white and the third’s race is uncertain, but she believes there was some sort of logo on his clothing. One of the suspects wore a ski mask, while another wore a black hooded sweatshirt. Davis said police confirmed to her that the vehicle that crashed into the entrance of King Cronic was identified as a stolen vehicle.

“They just take the cheapest stuff possible. They don’t ever take the good stuff,” Davis said. “It’s just more of a mess than anything, and we have to deal with the day’s loss of no product being sold, and now we have to deal with the insurance and counting inventory again.”

King Cronic was also burglarized on Aug. 29 as a reported Kia Soul smashed through the same door.

Davis said the entrance will have to be fixed on Tuesday by the owners of the lot and their construction team. She posted screenshots of camera footage to Facebook in hopes that the suspects will be arrested.

“I wish the community would get together and help try to pinpoint who they are so we can at least punish them,” Davis said.

The Yelm Police Department had no additional information as of press time.

Bystanders with any information related to the incident are asked to contact dispatch at 360-704-2740, or email