In Loving Memory of Drew Kepner: 1981-2023


Drew DeAmicis Kepner was born in Lancaster, California on Oct. 5, 1981 to his mother, Sharon Kepner. He passed away on April 30, 2023, in Roy, Washington. Drew will forever be remembered by all who knew and loved him as a protector, a loyal friend and family member, who took pride in caring for others and putting the needs of others before his own. 

Drew loved to spend his time attending events such as Seahawks and Mariners games and concerts, cruising in any one of his Cadillacs and playing Mario Kart with his cousin Dillon. He also liked to spend time with his mother watching her favorite shows and supporting his friends in their different endeavors. Drew was an excellent mechanic. He could fix anything and often helped others with this gift. He was fiercely protective of his family and friends, and this part of him carried over into his career, where he worked as a bodyguard and a security guard. Drew loved animals and had many beloved pets over the years, including his favorite cat, "Coo." Drew provided for others even in the end, in the form of organ donation. 

Drew was preceded in death by his beloved grandparents, Nelson DeAmicis and Doris DeAmicis. 

He is survived by his mother Sharon, his father figure Tim, his aunt Mellody and aunt Lynette, his uncle Rick, and many cousins including Brandie, Dallas, Dillon, Karisma and Braven. Drew was loved by many friends including Donnie, Freddy, Dayleen, Thailer, Hutch, Basko, Lewis, Molly, Angelika, Anna, Robert and Dusty. 

His departure from us was far too soon and the loss will be felt forever by those who knew him.