Guest Commentary: People Do Not Have to Die From COVID-19


As board members of the Thurston-Mason County Medical Society, we are gravely concerned with local vaccination rates. Thurston and Mason counties have an overall vaccination rate of only 50 percent. Just 18 months ago, life as we knew it was irrevocably changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 600,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19. This includes upwards of 6,000 Washingtonians and 147 residents of Thurston and Mason counties. Furthermore, the profound effects on everyone’s general wellbeing cannot be understated.

Fortunately, there have been several promising developments that will bring us closer to the end of this pandemic and a beginning of new normal times. The biggest game changer is the development of three COVID-19 vaccines. Each teaches our cells to produce a protein found on the virus. This allows the body to develop a strong immune response to the virus, so if we later contract it, our immune system can quickly and effectively fight off infection. None of these vaccines change our DNA. None are made from aborted fetuses. None put trackers in our bodies. All the vaccines keep people from becoming severely ill or dying from COVID-19.

Nationally, over 160 million people have been fully vaccinated, including 4 million residents of Washington state. The data is clear. Vaccines are safe and highly effective. They are also readily available and free to everyone. Despite this, COVID-19 is far from defeated. In fact, it is becoming more dangerous than ever as new variants are discovered. The delta variant is not only more contagious, but it is also deadlier. Studies clearly show that most recently hospitalized COVID-19 patients are not vaccinated; many are also younger with no pre-existing conditions.

Our duty as medical providers is to keep our patients healthy and do no harm. To this end, we need to provide reliable information so our patients can make informed decisions. Thus, we have studied the data and analyzed the results of the available COVID-19 vaccines. Our conclusion is clear. The vaccines are safe and effective. People do not have to die from COVID-19.

Each member of our board is a medical provider in Thurston or Mason counties. We have all been vaccinated against COVID-19. We strongly urge everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine. If not for yourself, for your loved ones, neighbors and the world we share.

Thurston-Mason County Medical Society Board of Trustees

Robert Lang, MD, president

RJ Widrow, MD, treasurer

Kevin Roscoe, MD, trustee

Margaret MacLeod, MD, FAAFP (ret), trustee

Eddy Cates, MD, trustee

Alexandra Harmony, DO, trustee

Chelsea Unruh, MD, trustee


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  • TrickShooter

    The COVID death nimbers are not accurate. The death rate is not significantly higher than the normsl death rste. Blame COVID because some had it or was suspected to have it as an aggravating factor but be realistic.

    Stop living in fear. Are you willing to live a misearable life the rest of your days?

    The joy these days appears to be taking a short trip to town sesrching for mask violators and businesses to turn in to the state database. Such a poor and misearable life. If you are that pitiful please stay at home because that would be the best wsy to protect ypurself.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Report this

  • Michael_Saunders

    Thank you for a well-written statement.

    I'm about done with the deniers... grow up people, this isn't about the government taking away your freedom, it's about a virus that can, will and does kill.

    Even if you contract Covid and don't have to be hospitalized, the long term effects on your lungs and brain will happen anyway.

    Just because Donald F Trump chose to ridicule this virus and chose to claim it as a political attack on him doesn't make it true. Stop being sheep and following the shepard who only wants to fleece you.

    Before you attack, the left-wing extremists (Sanders, AOC, the 'Squad') are just as bad as the right-wing extremists. Guns and self-defense are a legitimate American right, choosing your "gender identity" is the right of God only, period.

    Please, wear your mask and respect those of us who take this virus seriously. Leave your politics at home and be a decent human being.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Report this

  • Grandma

    I heard it wasn't really a vaccine, is this true?

    Friday, September 3, 2021 Report this