ESD 113 administrators table proposal to close Yelm Head Start Center


Administrators for Educational School District (ESD) 113 voted to table its proposal to close the Yelm Head Start Center until it meets with the center’s policy council. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Washington Union Representative Enrie Marusya and Yelm Head Start Center Policy Council Rep. Kayla Russell, along with other Head Start staff, met with the ESD board of trustees on Wednesday, May 8, and presented a petition and letters from staff, parents and supporters against the proposal.

According to Marusya, the board was swayed by Russell’s comments about the importance of the center to the community.

“This is a step in the right direction. I’m optimistic that we’ll end up coming to some sort of resolution that keeps the center open, especially because it seems clear the board is listening to community concerns,” Marusya said.