127735 Ordinance No 1011 CITY OF ROY, WASHINGTON ORDINANCE NO. 1011 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ROY, PIERCE COUNTY, WASHINGTON, ADOPTING CHAPTER 1-10 OF THE ROY CITY CODE, MUNICIPAL PUBLIC DEFENDER; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY AND PUBLICATION; AND SETTING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. WHEREAS, the City of Roy operates a municipal court, pursuant to Title 3 RCW; and WHEREAS, pursuant to Chapter 10.101 RCW, Indigent Defense Services, the City desires to codify it expectations for contractors who provide indigent defense legal services for those appearing before the Roy Municipal Court; and WHEREAS, effective January 1, 2023, Washington General Rule 42 modified the process by which matters are assigned to Municipal Public Defenders in order to safeguard the independent of public defense services from judicial influence and control; and WHEREAS, the City desires to adopt regulations in compliance with GR 42 regarding the management and oversight of public defense services; and WHEREAS, the City Council finds it is in the best interests of the City and its residents to adopt new Chapter 1.10 of the Roy City Code, Municipal Public Defender; follows: NOW THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Roy, Washington, do ordain as follows: Section 1. Adoption. Roy City Code Chapter 1-10, Municipal Public Defender, is hereby adopted to read as follows: Chapter 1.10 MUNICIPAL PUBLIC DEFENDER Sections: 1.10.010 Purpose. 1.10.020 Definitions. 1.10.030 Determination of indigency - Discrimination prohibited. 1.10.040 Contract attorneys. 1.10.050 Contract attorneys - Reports of activity - Monitoring. 1.10.060 Complaints. 1.10.070 Severability. 1.10.010 Purpose Recognizing that RCW 10.101.030 creates in the city a duty to adopt standards for the delivery of public defender services to indigent persons accused of crimes in the municipal court of the city, the city shall contract for the delivery of such services pursuant to this chapter. 1.10.020 Definitions Undefined terms used in this chapter shall be given their ordinary and usual meaning. The following definitions shall apply to terms used in this chapter: A. "Contract attorney" shall mean an attorney who contracts with the city to provide public defender services. The contract attorney term shall also refer to conflict counsel retained to assist when the primary contract attorney has a conflict or is otherwise disqualified. B. "Public defender services" shall mean legal representation, consistent with the constitutional requirements of fairness, equal protection, and due process, in all cases where the right to counsel attaches in the municipal court of the city, of indigent persons and indigent persons able to contribute who are accused of misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor crimes in said court. 1.10.030 Determination of indigency - Discrimination prohibited The city adopts and incorporates RCW 10.101.010 and 10.101.020 by reference as if set forth in full herein. Indigency or lack thereof, as determined by the above-referenced statutes, shall be the sole factor in determining eligibility for public defender services. No determination of eligibility shall be based upon race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other prohibited classification under state or federal law. 1.10.040 Contract attorneys A. Qualifications. The city shall contract for delivery of public defender services only with members in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association who maintain a law office or other professional facility in Pierce County. Contract attorneys shall provide public defense services in all appointments in a skilled and professional manner consistent with Standard Two of the Washington Defender Association's Standards for Public Defense Services, as endorsed by the Washington State Bar Association. B. Appointment. Public defense services shall be procured consistent with the City's Financial Policies for a professional service. A majority vote of the council authorizing the mayor to contract with any prospective contract attorney in accordance with that attorney's bid proposal shall constitute selection of a contract attorney. Neither the city attorney, any law enforcement officer, nor any county prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecuting attorney shall participate in the selection process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon request of the mayor or any member of the council, the city attorney may express his legal opinion as to the qualification under this chapter of any prospective contract attorney or the meaning, requirements, or impact of the provisions of this chapter. C. Assignment. D. Substitution of counsel. In any matter where the contract attorney is unable to provide public defender services to a particular defendant because of the existence of a conflict of interest or other ethical dilemma requiring the attorney to decline or withdraw from representation, the particular matter may be assigned to any other attorney who has contracted with Pierce County or any other city therein to provide public defender services. If no other attorney who has an existing contract with the county or any city is able to accept representation, the judge of the municipal court is specifically authorized to appoint counsel in his sole discretion. 1.10.050 Contract attorneys - Reports of activity - Monitoring. Contract attorneys shall provide to the mayor quarterly, on a form provided by the city attorney, a report of number and type of cases, attorney hours, and disposition. The contract attorney shall maintain this information separately from client files so as to disclose no privileged information. A. Evaluation of a contract attorney's quarterly reports may be supplemented by evidence and/or comments from the judge of the municipal court, the city attorney, other defense attorneys, and clients on the skill and effectiveness of the contract attorney. B. The mayor shall cause a written evaluation report to issue if they find that the contract attorney's level of skill, effectiveness, or availability effectively deprives or imminently threatens to deprive indigent persons of their constitutional right to counsel, which shall include specific recommendations for remediation. C. If a written evaluation report issues under subsection (B) of this section, the contract attorney may appeal the report to the council, who shall hear the appeal in executive session. D. A second consecutive evaluation adverse to the contract attorney may form the basis for termination of a contract for public defense services pursuant to the terms of the contract and the provisions of this chapter. 1.10.060 Complaints. Complaints regarding public defender services shall be lodged with the clerk-treasurer, who shall direct such complaints to the appropriate reviewing authority as outlined in this section. A. Complaints regarding the skill, effectiveness, or behavior of a contract attorney or conflict attorney shall be directed to the mayor, who shall hear the complaint within 10 business days. 1. At such hearing, the hearing officer may hear evidence and comments from the aggrieved client, the contract attorney or conflict attorney, the judge of the municipal court, and the city attorney. Such comments may be given orally at the hearing or in writing beforehand. 2. The hearing officer shall issue a written ruling, within five business days of such hearing, which shall address each specific allegation of lack of skill, ineffectiveness, or improper behavior according to the following criteria: a. Whether the allegation is well-founded; b. Whether the allegation effectively deprived the client of his or her constitutional right to counsel; and c. What remedial action should be taken. 3. A finding adverse to the contract attorney may form the basis for termination of a contract for public defense services pursuant to the terms of the contract and the provisions of this chapter. B. Client complaints that do not fall within subsection (A) of this section may be resolved by executive action of the mayor, the judge of the municipal court, and/or the city attorney. 1.10.070 Severability. If any portion of this chapter is held invalid, the remainder of this chapter shall not be affected. SECTION 2. Severability. Should any portion of this ordinance be held to be unconstitutional or unlawful by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the validity or constitutionality of any other section, sentence, clause or phrase of this Ordinance. SECTION 3. Publication. This Ordinance shall be published by an approved summary consisting of the title. SECTION 4. Effective Date. This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and effect five days after publication, as provided by law. Adopted this 11th day of September 2023. /s/ Kimber Ivy KIMBER IVY, Mayor Attest: /s/ M Malele Michael Malek City Clerk-Treasurer Approved as to Form: /s/ LRE LISA MARIE ROYBAL ELLIOTT City Attorney Pub: Nisqually Valley News September 28, 2023

Posted 9/27/2023